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The Bhairon Temple remained ignored prior to take over of the holy Shrine by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board in the year 1986. The track leading to the temple was Kacha and in a dilapidated condition, making the climb a gruelling task. After the take over, emphasis was laid on developments in this area, particularly the widening and beautification of the track, remodelling of steps, construction of rain shelters, toilets etc.
The whole track has now been illuminated with High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamps. Water supply has been augmented and toilet blocks have been constructed for the convenience of the pilgrims. For providing adequate and reasonably priced beverages and packed food items such as biscuits and snacks, a refreshment unit named OM has been started. The Temple area has been beautified by fixing marble tiles and slabs along the pre-ambulation of the temple. All these efforts have made the visit of the pilgrims to Bhairon temple much more convenient and memorable.


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The Department of Tourism, J&K is the main developmental, promotional and regulatory arm of the J&K Government. Its main role comprises of overall planning and execution of schemes for the development, up-gradation and improvement of the tourism infrastructure in different parts of the State.
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