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There are times when you are worried, confused and angry or a victim of any other negative feeling. Try to look within & go out and  be in the company of nature. Look at the beauty of all that exists so gracefully around you -the stillness of the elegant trees, the buzzing bees, the chirping birds & a myriad of other wonders of nature. Not only will you learn to be in " stillness ", you will also learn a lot in terms of mutual coexistence, growth & harmony.
Luxury camping at Gulmarg Meadows is nature served on a silver platter. It is a paradise wherein you can walk to wilderness, perform activities like Trekking, Horse riding, sledging, skiing, zorbing and enjoy gondola rides. Playing golf in the worlds’ highest green golf course will be exotic. Gulmarg Meadows combines luxurious amenities with serene and stunning views to create the mesmerizing experience in Kashmir.
Nature is the greatest doctor & its healing touch will do wonders if you can be in a position to love it & live with it harmoniously.

About Jammu & Kashmir Tourism

The Department of Tourism, J&K is the main developmental, promotional and regulatory arm of the J&K Government. Its main role comprises of overall planning and execution of schemes for the development, up-gradation and improvement of the tourism infrastructure in different parts of the State.
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