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We are proud to share our county side its nature, culture and years of our experience in this field with you and give you an excellent opportunity to explore our beautiful Himalayas. Trekking forms an integral part of the adventure sports flourishing in the Vale of Kashmir.
The Vale of Kashmir 129 km long and 40 km wide, is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains. In the south-west, the Pir Panjal rising at places to 5,000 metres separates the valley from the plains. The principal pass in this mountain range is Banihal through which vehicular traffic flows into the valley from the Jammu area. On the north-east, the valley is flanked by the Pangi range, the principal summits of which are Harmukh and Mahadeo, both close to the capital 16 city of Srinagar. To the north is the majestic Ladakh range, and the Lidder Valley is protected by the Kolahoi massif.
A potpourri of lakes, rivers, high altitude meadows, fruit orchards and snow capped peaks, Kashmir offers unlimited variety for those who look for un spoilt natural beauty. Modern infrastructure has made Kashmir a lot more accessible and enjoyable than in the past. Good quality hotels, houseboats, air links, bus services, golf courses, trout fishing beats, heli-skiing, water sports and mountaineering are just a few of its outdoor possibilities. But, for the adventure lover, trekking remains the most popular way of exploring Kashmir.
Trekking in Kashmir does not mean just walking over forested mountains as it combines nature and the local culture. As the trekker climbs higher, the landscape changes. Chinar and poplar trees are replaced by fir, pine and oak and finally Burch trees, the alpine meadows and a profusion of colorful wild flowers. The simple villagers in the plains with their fruit orchards and paddy fields are replaced by migrant families of Nomads / Gujjars, herdsmen who cross the high mountain passes with their cattle in search of greener pastures.
The main areas of attraction for the trekker in Kashmir are the Sind & Lidder valleys which support a number of high altitude meadows. The townships of Sonamarg and Pahalgam are the main trekking heads, both for short hikes and longer treks in the Himalayas.
Sonamarg means a 'meadow of gold'. The most important township in the fertile Sind valley, Sonamarg is the last major township in Kashmir on the road to Ladakh. Sonamarg is also the staging point for some of the most popular treks in the higher altitudes. A pleasant one day excursion from Sonamarg is to the Thajiwas glacier, 8 km away, and approachable by a pony over a well maintained track~ The most popular trek originating from Sonamarg is the Kashmir Lake Trek. It covers the lakes of Gangabal, Vishansar, Kishansar, and close to the Harrnukh peak. The trail first crosses the Nichinai Pass (13 ,387 ft) and then enters the alpine valleys that eventually lead to the Gangabal Lake. Vishansar, Vishnu's Lake, is just over 12,000 ft and slightly larger than the 12,500 ft Kishansar, Krishna's Lake. Gangabal Lake is the highlight of this trip. Protected by the three peaks of Mount Harrnukh, Gangabal is 5 miles in circumference and offers the finest trout fishing anywhere in Kashmir.
There are 3 best treks you can do in this area:-
1. Srinagar – Sonamarg (95 kms drive) tented camp
    Sonamarg – Nichinni (13 Km) ponies & tented camp
    Nichinni – Veshnusar / Krishnasar (13 Km) ponies & tented camp
    veshnusar – Nichinni ponies & tented camp
    Nichinni – Sonamarg 
    Sonamarg – Srinagar
2. Srinagar – Sonamarg (95 kms drive) tented camp
    Sonamarg – Nichinni (13 Km) ponies & tented camp
    Nichinni – Veshnusar / Krishnasar (13 Km) ponies & tented camp
    veshnusar – Gadsar ponies & tented camp
    Gadsar – Megondob ponies & tented camp
    Megondob – Gangabal ponies & tented camp
    Gangabal – Naranag ponies & tented camp
    Naranag - Srinagar
3. Srinagar – Naranag 
    Naranag – Tranakhul ponies & tented camp
    Tranakhul – Gangabal ponies & tented camp
    Gangabal – Naranag ponies & tented camp
    Naranag – Srinagar ponies & tented camp
Pahalgam means “A Village of Shepherds “ is situated on the banks of the Lidder river, Pahalgam at an altitude of 7,000 feet is a picturesque township.
Pahalgam is also the staging point for one of Kashmir's oldest and most popular treks. The Pahalgam-Kolahoi Glacier-Pahalgam trek takes 6 days and covers approximately 60 km. At the Kolahei glacier the trekker can get a glimpse of the Kolahoi Peak (5,734 metres) and see the source of the Lidder River. Excursions to the Tarsar and Marsar lakes in the Upper Dachigam area can also be made from here if the trekker has an additional two days. A trek from Pahalgam to Sonamarg via Aru, Lidderwat, Sekiwas, Khemsar and Kulan can also be done in about four days. 
The Amarnath Yatra is undertaken by more than 30,000 pilgrims every year and has been a continuing tradition for the last 300 years. Located in the Amravati valley, Amarnath is best approached from Pahalgam over a pass at 14,000 feet.
There are 2 best treks you can do in this area:-
1.  Srinagar to Pahalgam (95 km)
    Pahalgam to Aru (11 km), 
    Aru to Lidderwat (11 km), ponies & tented camp
    Lidderwat to Kolahoi & back to Lidderwat (10 km), ponies & tented camp
    Lidderwat to Aru (11 km), ponies & tented camp
    Aru to Pahalgam (11 km)
    Pahalgam to Srinagar 
2.  Srinagar to Pahalgm
    Pahalgam to Chandanwari (13 km), 
    Chandanwari to Sheshnag (11 km), 
    Sheshnag to Panchtarni (11 km), 
    Panchtarni to Amarnath to Baltal (21 km) or 
    Panchtarni to Sheshnag
    Sheshnag to Chandanwari
    Chandanwari to Pahalgam
    Pahalgam to Srinagar



Gangbal Trek

The Gangabal trek is approached from Srinagar 45kms by road via Ganderbal up to Naranag.


Tarsar Marsar Trek

The Tarsar Marsar Lake trek gives you a most memorable glimpse of the breath-taking beauty of Kashmir.


Pahalgam - Wadwan trek

Wadwan valley of the Pir Panjal range is at a height of about 12,000 ft.



Just a ridge across and an incline of 50 meters one can reach Laarmarg from Mohanmarg.



Mohanmarg is a meadow located on top of koaihama range overlooking Sindh valley.




Chadar Trek

The Chadar trek is a route connecting villages in the Zanskar valley with Chilling along the frozen Zanskar River.


Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley trek is also known for being a ‘tea house trek’ where one can expect accommodation in parachute tents.


Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri is one of the most adventurous itinerary summit in India and a must visit place for trekking lovers.



Chadar Sarchu Circuit

Sarchu Circuit Trek is a two week wilderness trek that is very demanding as it involves traversing remote gorges, river crossing and high passes.


Darcha Padum Trek

Darcha–Padum trek provides a rare opportunity to see some breathtaking landscapes, especially at higher altitudes.


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